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Building, Growing, and Strengthening Exceptional Learning Organizations

Our track record

Building Organizations

Scaled innovative K-12 education model from 1 person to over 150 employees, an annual budget over $15M, serving 1,300 students, scaled to two states, public and private dollars, and raised $6.5M in less than 3 years.

Leading Disruptive Innovation

Designed multiple innovative award-winning education models, winning 2022 National Ed-Prize.

Charting Strategic Growth

Increased the number of school partners by 350% in a single year while meeting/exceeding all academic improvement and partner satisfaction goals.

Cultivating Academic Excellence

Cut $300k and restructured staffing while simultaneously increasing the passing rate for students with IEPs by 24.2% in one year.

Who We Are

We have the experience, skill, drive, and perspective to drive breakthrough results.

What We Do

We offer a variety of services in a number of focus areas to help transform your learning organization.