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The Indorf Group is a Venture Leadership Firm focused on Building and Scaling For Impact.

Our Services

Strategic Advising & Coaching

Ongoing 1:1 support for founders / CEOs of start-ups and rapidly growing organizations.

2-8 hours per month.

Design / Build Projects

30, 60, or 90-day projects to significantly advance a team, project, or strategy.

10-40 hours per month.

Fractional Chief

For select clients, engage operationally as a part-time Chief. Lead company start-up, turnaround, rapid growth, academic performance, strategy and transformation, and more.

40-100 hours per month. 6-month minimum engagement.

Consulting focus areas

Building Organizations

Rapid Growth Challenges;
Healthy and Strong Executive Teams;
Organizational Culture;
Organizational Design

Leading Disruptive Innovation

Dual Transformation;
Process and Efficiency Improvements;
Building Disruptive Leapfrog Strategies;
Technology Innovations

Charting Strategic Growth

Product Launch;
Accessing Public Dollars;
Regulation, Compliance, Policy, and Politics;
Strategic Partnerships;
Growth Strategy;
Product/Market Fit

Cultivating Academic Excellence

System-Wide Academic Strategy;
Product Development, Testing, and Scaling;
Defining the Need;
Academic Turnaround;
Data-Informed Instruction

Always Moving Forward.

If you’re seeking to significantly improve the lives of 1,000s and 100,000s of students, we’ll be your strategic partner.